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Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I knew I’d probably take a break for the holidays, but didn’t realize how silent I would be.

I have to admit, I had thoughts of giving up. I’d fallen out of the habit of blogging and it would have been so easy to just not blog again. I started thinking, do I really have anything to say? Would it matter if I just stopped? I had a blank space in my mind where blog ideas were supposed to be. It was a familiar feeling. The same one I’ve given into before when I put my writing aside for months or even years.

The good news is, this time, I didn’t give up. I didn’t stop.

Part of it might be that it’s the New Year and a time for resolutions and fresh starts. It felt okay that I’d stepped away for a few weeks and could just start again. Lots of bloggers took a holiday break.

Another part of it was that although I didn’t blog, I did visit other bloggers and in their comments they mentioned looking forward to visiting my blog again. Really? That felt pretty good!

And the last thing that motivated me to get back into the blogosphere is my Work In Progress.

WIP Update

I’ve been dragging my feet with this phase of editing and have written about it too many times.  It felt like such a daunting task! Too complex. More than I could handle. I’d start, then stop. I avoided it and made excuses. I was reluctant to really work on it, no matter how many times I told myself I would.

And then today I decided I’d spend as much time as possible on my WIP and I made so much progress! Who knew how much I could get done with some serious focus? (Don’t answer that). What was I so afraid of?

Yesterday and the days before that, it felt impossible. Today I had fun! I actually want to share the beginning and get feedback. That’s huge for me! That’s not to say it’s ready. I only got through Part I and there are scenes in there that still need some work, but there were some that made me laugh, smile, or feel bad when I was supposed to. That’s a good sign, right?

Now I can’t wait to move onto Part II!


And then I saw this today and I absolutely loved it!

Here’s the link to the brief but excellent article on one of my favorite sites Lifehacker.com. It’s only two paragraphs long and the first one says:

Tasks can seem overly daunting when we look at how much time they’ll take to complete, but what good is that time if we’re not using it for something that matters to us? You’ll use it to do something, so why not use it to achieve what you truly care about?

Yes! So true! Time is going to pass (if we’re lucky) why not do something I really want to and put the effort in to reach my goal instead of looking back later and wishing I had?

There’s only one thing for me to do — keep writing, keep working on my WIP and keep blogging! Oh wait, that’s 3 things. Have I mentioned I’m really bad at math? 🙂

What about you? Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Did you take a holiday break that your having a hard time coming back from? Is there something you should be spending your time on, that matters to you? I’d love to hear about it!