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I can’t believe it’s already been a year since I started blogging. That went by way too fast!

I remember well all the anxiety I felt about making this blog public. It went live during Tropical Storm Sandy – it wasn’t a ‘super storm’ yet when it hit here – but it still made for interesting and stressful timing. As I look back now I realize there was nothing to be worried about at all!

Christi over at Novel Conclusions just celebrated her one year anniversary on Oct 23rd. She acknowledged it with 5 brilliant things she learned. Since I don’t want to copy her great idea you should hop on over to her blog to take a peek at what she wrote … go ahead, I’ll wait …

Cat watching clock

Okay, now that you’re back, let me say I agree with Christi especially on these three points:

  • the blogging community is great(!) and super supportive,
  • there is a wealth of knowledge out there in the blogging world, (which I’ve been voraciously absorbing to help improve my writing and editing!) and
  • a blogger should post regularly and not wait too long between blog posts so blog followers know when to expect your posts

Blogging over this past year has been a lot of fun, but there is definitely room for improvement especially on that last bullet! I know I’ve been inconsistent. Sometimes I’ll shoot out a post within a week of the last, sometimes I can go two or three weeks without a word. Part of it is because I’m waiting for a topic to grab me and I don’t want to post something unless it moves me. But I can improve in posting regularly, so I’m going to try! I know, you can hardly wait …

Anxiously waiting

So thank you so much for your support over this past year, for the likes and comments! I hope you stay tuned and enjoy Year 2 with me.

Oh, and while your here have a piece of cake. It’s delicious!