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I warned Inion N. Mathair that I don’t have a huge following and with summer and people away on vacations I couldn’t guarantee a lot of readers for their interview. Still, they were gracious enough to let me interview them, answered all of my questions and even offered a free copy of their new book The Perfect 7.

The WordPress Stats page shows we had many more readers than commenters and I hope that leads to some extra sales for Inion N. Mathair, but let’s do what we came here to do … give away a chicken dinner free e-book!

Thanks to those of you who stopped by and left a comment! There were 6 unique commenters. To keep me honest, I used Random.org, and in the spirit of full transparency here’s a screen shot of what I entered:

Random.org data telling the website to choose a random number between 1 and 6

Giveaway numbers entered into Random.org

Now, I know the suspense is killing you so I won’t draw this out any longer than I need to, but did you hear the one about the … just kidding! So I clicked the “Get Numbers” button and (drum roll please) the winner is …

Random.org selected #4commenter #4, that’s right, JMMcDowell, you are the lucky winner! (Applause)

JM, in order to get your free Amazon Kindle eBook, all you need to do is send your email to Inion N. Mathair. You can send them a direct message on Twitter at https://twitter.com/InionNMathair or email them at inionnmathair@email.dnet.net

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to read and/or comment and if you want to support Inion N. Mathair you can buy a copy of The Perfect 7 here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Perfect-7-ebook/dp/B00DRFR116.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!